In The Lodge

Dining & Bar

Just because you’re staying at a ski lodge, it doesn’t mean you have to leave your taste buds at home! In fact, many of our guests claim that dining at Altitude is the highlight of their ski holiday.


Our renowned 3-4 course dinner menu is designed to excite the most discerning of diners, while providing a hearty reward for a hard day’s skiing or boarding. These photos show just a small selection of the incredibly varied taste sensations that our guests have enjoyed. And don’t be concerned if you have special dietary issues. Our chef is fully versed in ensuring that every guest receives a quality dining experience that meets their needs.

Menu 2022 (subject to seasonal availability)


  • Sesame pumpkin doughnuts
  • Spinach soup w sourdough
  • Polenta, greens and ratatouille salsa w dry roasted lamb shank
  • Classic sticky date pudding w caramel and ice cream


  • Dish of Olives
  • Avocado salad w pan fried prawns
  • Vege and lentil cake, onion jam and greens w roasted pork belly
  • Boozy banana splits w rum n raisin sauce and coconut ice cream


  • Corn fritters w aioli
  • Sesame ginger chickpea salad w marinated beef pieces
  • Mild fragrant yellow vege curry and rice w a grilled chicken kebab
  • Trio of sorbets w toasted coconut


  • Polenta squares w chutney
  • Xmas spiced pumpkin soup w a crusty roll
  • Glazed ham and herbed turkey w roasted and steamed veges
  • Hot berry crumbles w ice cream


  • Spiced potato fritters
  • Herby vinaigrette greens and salt and pepper calamari w aioli
  • Sweet potato mash and greens w braised chicken cutlet
  • Cheese, fruit and nut board


  • KFC (Korean Fried Cauliflower)
  • Miso soup w tofu and spring onion
  • Mushroom risotto and Asian slaw w sticky beef cheek
  • Citrus poached pears


  • Pumpkin arancini
  • Lentil gnocchi w walnut and rosemary pesto
  • Chunky Greek salad and crunchy potatoes with baked salmon
  • Mt Blanc tart


After a hard day’s skiing, you’ve refreshed your weary body in our spa or sauna, and now it’s time to get ready for dinner. But you feel like you’ve earned something special. That’s it– a taste-tempting pre-dinner drink.

Don’t fret, our licensed Cocktail Bar awaits your pleasure, not only with our wide selection of fabulous cocktails, spirits and beers, but also with our cocktail guru’s daily special. Don’t be afraid to let your head go and try something new, you’ll be surprised and delighted. We also have an extensive cellar of fine table wines, so you’ll be sure to find something to please your palate (and your wallet!).