Here’s some suggestions for Winter activities. Some are obvious, others might take you by surprise!

Alpine Skiing and Snow Boarding

Perisher Resort has 47 lifts and a skiable area of almost 12.5 sq kms, with a longest run of 3 km. Of the groomed runs, 22% are rated for Beginners, 60% Intermediate and 18% advanced, so there is something for every standard of skier. Smiggins has 4 T-Bars, 2 J-Bars, Triple Chair, Rope Tow and 2 Magic Carpets. Access from Smiggins to the rest of Perisher Resort is via the Link T-Bar.
For all the details of the facilities within the Perisher Resort, please visit:

Nordic Skiing

Nordic skiing covers three main disciplines: Cross-Country Skiing, Snow Shoeing and Telemark Skiing. For information, go to:

Cross Country Skiing

If going beyond the groomed boundaries and into the back country is your thing, then Cross Country Skiing is for you. You’ll certainly have an “experience” and get a good work out to boot!

Snow Shoeing

Snow shoes have come a long way since the “converted tennis racquet” look of years gone by. Technology has made significant inroads – materials such as aluminium, polyurethane and the like are now the norm. Experts claim that no particular skills are required – if you can walk, you can snowshoe!

Telemark Skiing

Also known as “free-heeling”, you may have seen someone elegantly gliding down a slope, gently kneeling on one knee as they negotiate their turns. This is Telemark Skiing and you can do it on and off piste.

Other Activities

Do you have a favourite winter activity that you would like to tell others about (so they can enjoy it too)? Let us know and we will add it to our list.